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Deliver your message in an unforgettable manner.
Nobody counts the number of ads you run, they just remember the impression you make.

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Redefine the way your message is deliverd.

Using our high performance, personalized, interaction systems create a rich experience that truly communicates your message like no other medium. ENVISIS offers a comprehensive package that allows for fine grained control and an optimized workflow.

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Human Interaction Redifined

Don’t be categorized as just another brand, deliver a consistent message that makes you stand out from the competition. Display rich content that brings your products to life with high resolution videos, images, floor plans, maps, panoramic views and 3D models..


Marketing is all about first impressions. Add a new dimension to your marketing strategy and get a leg up on your competition. Our fluid response system reduces customer frustration, and makes sure the customer’s valuable time is yours to direct.


Our software allows you to pull in data from social media (Twitter/Facebook/YouTube) and real time sources such as stock data and current news demographics.Capture your customer’s attention with interactive experiences that make your content memorable and fun.

ENVISIS, the future of presentation

Showcase your product, service, or portfolio in an elegant and beautiful manner. Making for an unforgettable experience.

  • Interactive Marketing System (IMS)

    Craft your message into an engaging touch experience that involves the user

  • Non-interactive Marketing Sytsem (NIMS)

    Control message content delivery to customers through existing and new infrastructure

  • Portable Interactive Marketing Systems (PIMS)

    Marketing on the go with dynamic content retreival, automated delivery and monitoring

Dedicated Tablets

ENVISIS - The Platform

Being modular, our platform can be extended as needed. Custom business needs such as customer feedback, analytics and loyatly programs can be integrated into the system with no performance pernalties.

Built with the enterprise in mind, our platform exposes essential features such as but not limited to centralized content managment, remote deployment and device monitoring. This includes fine grained control over the administration mirroring the organisational structure.

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ENVISIS - The Platform
Centralized Marketing Platform

Remotely deploy content to every system and field agent through our mobile or tablet application. This allows for lesser time spent in delivering the end design and content. Our enterprise features allow the system operator to manage groups of systems with different levels of access for a secure and customized marketing content delivery network.

Dynamic Content Broadcasting

Deliver information across the systems over a network. The content may include push notifications, new offers, reminders, greetings and essential corporate messages that need to be delivered to end systems, making it painless to publish content. The remote procedures are easy to use, requiring almost no user interaction with the end system.

Lead Generation Platform

Getting customer leads is perhaps the most essential ingredient for a successful marketing campaign. Our system can be upgraded with a lead gathering addon that allows for customers to type in their contact details which can be collected and categorized for later utilization.

Centralized and Decentralized Infrastructure

Our platform is designed to run with or without a server. This means that isolated systems away from network outlets can work just as well as those connected to each other in a network. Once you decide to link the systems, the process is quick and easy, requiring minimal intervention with running systems.

Content Management System

Our Content Management System (CMS) is designed to be user friendly and offers a plethora of templates. It is easy to access and allows for non-technical and managerial staff the opportunity to develop new experiences. Drag and drop media files, connect navigation flow, and display your content exactly how you want in a simple process to make stunning designs.

Floor Plan & Navigation

Navigating a building can be confusing for your customers. Our floor plan add-on allows your customers to see the various sections within a floor to help guide them to the correct location. The sections and floors can be color coded with a menu for easy navigation, with a detailed page dedicated to each section as needed.

Customise for your every need, ENVISIS is just for you.

Impression makes all the difference. Start impressing.

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Other Solutions


Manage and monitor your field agents. Use unobtrusive location tracking to ensure that the agents meet their appointments. Trace their routes,status and collect needed data for each client. All of this in a very intuitive and easy to use interface.

Digital Marketing

Our results driven marketing team comprised of industry veterans ensure that your message is delivered to the target audience in a systematic and efficient manner. From SEO and Content Marketing to Social Media and PPC, our team will make your campaign a success.

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